Together we create a creative motion graphic video that spreads your biasness and increases your sales

Script - storyboard - special drawing - professional animation - Voice over

We are in We Plan Agnecy believe in creativity and we draw a full motion graphics video without relying on any of the ready-made elements so that the video expresses your commercial identity and enhances the reach of your idea to your customers and increases their interaction with them because you have a professional animated motion video that you are proud of and you can use in marketing with confidence.

Play Video about موشن-جرافيك-تطبيق-شاطر
موشن جرافيك شركة العمل السريع
Play Video about موشن جرافيك شركة العمل السريع
تطبيق جمعية
Play Video about تطبيق جمعية
مطعم الحاشي
Play Video about مطعم الحاشي
بايو بيست
Play Video about بايو بيست
فويا كير
Play Video about فويا كير
Avonite Kitchen
Play Video about Avonite Kitchen
جمعية صباح السالم التعاونية
Play Video about جمعية صباح السالم التعاونية
بيبي دو
Play Video about بيبي دو
الاجراءات الوقائية
Play Video about الاجراءات الوقائية
Play Video about Post-Sleeve-Hydration
Play Video about تطبيق-اوتو-سيرفس
Play Video about شركة-ان-للاستشارات-التسويقية
Play Video about ليكوبيل
Play Video about شركة-جيران

Steps to design a Motion Graphics video at WePlan Agency

After the recent spread of video content, it has become one of the most important tools that help spread the idea, easy to understand and widely circulate.

The importance of the video in marketing and reliance on it to reach new customer segments also increased, and the motion graphics video was at the fore because it is a creative video that simplifies the message, is enjoyable for the viewer, achieves the results of the marketing plan and enhances the company's profits.

At WePlan Agency, we are keen on the spirit of creativity and designing a motion video in stages. The client depends on each stage to ensure the production of a video that is in line with his vision and conforms to the company’s visual identity.

1- The idea:

Why do we design the video, what is the main purpose of using it, and what is the target customer segment? Just as we are keen on the creative side, we also focus on the commercial goal to create a competitive video idea.

2- Script:

The duration of the video often does not exceed 60 seconds, and here comes the important role of writing the script to be able to include all the required information and direct the recipient to the main goal of the video while maintaining the narration or getting bored.

3- Starboard:

It may be the most important step in the video industry, and we at We Plan are keen to organize ideas through a brainstorming session to reach the best drawing style, composition and colors that reflect the commercial identity and achieve the goal of the video.

4- Drawing:

The stage of converting the visualization into actual drawings, and we are distinguished in We Plan agency by adopting the style frame from the client, and also every group that draws later is approved so that the video matches the client’s ambition and visualization, and the full drawing file is finally approved in preparation for the start of the animation stage.

5- Animation:

We have a team of professional movers who have the ability to translate all of the above and combine it to make the final video enjoyable for the viewer, as each frame drawn and installed on the voiceover is animated, adding sound effects and music to give a magical blend to the video.

What are the programs used to create a motion graphic video?

There are many programs and it depends on the professionalism of the painter and the animator
Illustrator Photoshop After Effects Moho

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